Hi, I’m Rebecca Bowyer and this is my website.

I’m a Melbourne author, content designer and crafter. I wrote a couple of dystopian novels STEALING TIME (2021) and MATERNAL INSTINCT (2019). One of them was shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2021 in the Aurealis Awards. The other one wasn’t, but people seemed to enjoy it anyway. You can check them out on my Books2Read author page.

This is basically my home on the internet. I use it to store my thoughts on stories and ideas in all formats – books, audiobooks, articles, podcasts and interpretive dance (just kidding – but if you see an interesting story told in interpretive dance please feel free to send it my way).

You might remember the previous version of Story Addict which ran for something like 10 years. It was purely book reviews and writing and I took it down in early 2023 because the pandemic broke me and I had nothing to say. I relaunched Story Addict in May 2024, mostly because I’m getting a little bored of crochet (but not enough to stop). Thanks for stopping by.